Her cheeks and ears were numb and her hair was being caught and tangled by the wind. Licking her lips, she could taste the bitterness of her ever streaming tears.

Stumbling forward, she fell onto her knees into the cold, damp, muddy ground.

Tentatively placing her hand upon the mound of dirt, she lets the wind carry the sound of her broken heart across the hills. 

Hunching over, body trembling, breaths rasping out of her lungs, she clutches at the dirt. Letting her final tears drop upon it. 

Her hair sticks to her face, mud covers her clothes, the wind nips at every inch of uncovered skin. Yet, she makes no attempt to move. Simply, she smooths out the dirt and sits in silence with her friend, staring at the sunset on the horizon.

Only once the orange glow fades from the sky does she stand, wiping the hair from her face and fixes her coat.

With a single, lonely, tear running down her cheek, she utters, "Farewell.", as she reluctantly walks away, leaving her friend behind, whose spirit walks next to hers. 


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Lily Larkin
May 7 2020

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