My new neighbor was stunning, nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. I was smitten at very first sight and, of course, the minx knew I was. The female of the species just read the signs don't they? I never stood an earthly.


We softly padded and danced around each other for a while, getting to know one another without getting too close at first. Her pheromones smelled just like she looked, hot, damned hot!


OK, You may think you can't smell "hot", but when you've fallen top over tail in love, well you can imagine anything. Anyway, this was one sweet-as-honey bitch who was in heat and I had the hots for her from the very first get go I saw her.


What was it about her that attracted me?


Everything! She was prime pussy, a 10 out of 10 from every angle you cared to look. And I looked, boy, I couldn’t take my peepers off her. She held my attention leaving me half-cocked like a coiled spring.


Easy on the eye? That would be an understatement. Her crystal clear almond-shaped eyes were big and beautifully bewitching, her long shapely legs all the way down from cute butt to her dainty feet were to die for. Her overall slim sleek shap...

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Tony Spencer
May 6 2020

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