Gran's Chest

"Thank you, Jane," Mother said, "Gran would've liked your help sorting her effects."


"I didn't want you doing this alone, Mum," Jane said, "And Polly's ready to pop."


"Yes. Any day now," Mother chuckled, turning into Gran's driveway.


"Shame Gran won't see Polly's baby," Jane whispered, "Or my 25th birthday tomorrow."


"Tomorrow's in an hour, love. I'm sure Gran's watching."


"I suppose so," Jane brightened, "she's with Pops?"


"Together forever, dear, always," Mother patted her hand, leaving the car.


Mother opened Gran's front door.


"The hall's cleared," Jane blinked in the light, “Strange not to have Gran's ginger cat rubbing around my legs, he used to greet me at the door.”


"Dad and Graham cleared everything after the funeral," Mother said, "One task left, Jane."


Jane was almost in tears, filled with childhood memories of this house and her grandparents.


"Time you had a man of your own in your life, Jane."


"I know," Jane agreed, "It's impossible though. You, Gran and Po...

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Tony Spencer
May 6 2020

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