Batty the bat confessed to The Wise Old Owl that her flying days are probably over.

"What's wrong, Batty?" The Wise Old Owl asked.

"Now that the warm weather is here I keep bumping into other night flyers or crash into objects trying to avoid flyers who don’t see me coming. I hit the hawthorn bush with a heavy clonk tonight and one of my wings is ripped and too damaged to fly straight. If I rest up for my wing to mend, I cannot get food to eat. So I'm going up my roost to sleep today and move to the orchard over the other side of the town tomorrow night."

"That's a terrible place, the trees still bare."

"It's not as sheltered as here but needs must," Batty admitted. "I just came to say nighty night, Wisey and tell you I'm leaving."

"That's a shame Batty, we're all going to miss you around here. Come and see me before you go and sleep tight."

The Wise Old Owl thought about Batty all rest of the dark night and most of the bright day. He even spoke to a few moths, a nightingale, two robins and a butterfly before he came to a decision to call all the Back Yarders to an afternoon meeting.

He even consulted a caterpillar who didn’t know what Wisey was on about so t...

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Tony Spencer
May 3 2020

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