India - Chapter 1

It's nearly over

Silence interrupted by faint whimpers and chatter of the two men sat in the front of the car. It’s four passengers too scared to talk. Not knowing what would happen next, if they’d were safe or even survive. Another brightly coloured lorry was hurtling towards us, appearing from around a blind bend in the road, on our side of the road. It was forcing the car towards the cliff edge.



Three weeks ago

Charley walked back in to arrivals, followed by Aarav. He’d found Aarav at the meeting point, exactly where we were supposed to be. We were waiting at the other end of the enormous arrivals hall, with all of our bags and suitcases. Enough to keep us all clothed for at least 6 months. It had been a long flight.


As we walked out of the air conditioned Gandhi International Airport, the heat of the morning hit us. A cool 28 degrees C at 7am was promising a day of intense sunshine. Aarav took Rosey's trolley, cases threatening to topple. And our short walk to our transport and driver began.


Expecting a large car, we were pleasantly surprised to be taken to a very smart mini bus. Leather reclining seat and air conditioning, eve...

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Marcus London
May 2 2020

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