Pieces of my heart

My thoughts are sometimes apt to stray

Across the years to younger days,

Across the miles and back to Stone,

Where life was formed and memories sown,

And where, forever and a day,

A fraction of my heart will stay.


Scotland, too, can make a claim

Upon my roots, upon my name,

And now it has a greater share,

Because of those who've settled there,

Ensuring that it plays a part

In keeping pieces of my heart.


Others from our happy clan

Ventured forth to Amsterdam,

But whether they continue there,

Or choose to make a home elsewhere,

I know I'll hear a sweet refrain

Where pieces of my heart remain.


My own location's served me well,

In Cumbria, among the fells,

While those I love will stay or go,

According to the seeds they sow,

And where they are I'll always find

That pieces of my heart will shine.




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Helen Reed
May 2 2020

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