Teens in Lockdown


Do you think when this is over,
Life will be the same.

I’m checking my son in rehab,
As he’s addicted to his game.

At least when they were smaller
You could give them lots to do.

Now they no it all and they don’t want you!
Unless of course there hungry then there your best friend.

But right now this minute he’s driving me round the bend.

Nothing else seems to matter, I no it’s not just mine.
The stress of all this screen time is driving me to wine. 

Shouting through his headset as if no one can hear. Coming down for a snack.
Then he’s disappeared.

“Please go outside get some air”
“Why you walking around in your underwear?”
He replies, “I don’t care “

If only I could get him to do some school work
If I dare mention that he will go berserk.

I shouldn’t really moan, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. 

But soon as school reopens I’ll be chucking him out the door.



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Wendy Wilson
May 2 2020

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