Captain Tom

Happy birthday captain Tom.

It’s captain Tom’s birthday,
He’s a hundred years old.

What a remarkable gentleman,
with a heart of gold.

30 million pounds he’s topped,
round his garden he never stopped.

He must be feeling fabulous,
with what he had achieved.

The NHS so grateful for the money they received.

The queen has sent him birthday wishes.
I bet he’s feeling grand.

Would love to say a big thank you and shake you by the hand.

Birthday greetings, cards galore,
a hero for his country in the Second World War.

Hats off to this amazing chap,
you deserves a massive clap.

Let’s sing him happy birthday,
sing it nice and loud.

Let him know we’re thinking of him and we are very proud.

He’s even number 1 in the charts, this man has captured all our hearts.

Hope you have a special day and in our memories, you will stay. 



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Wendy Wilson
May 2 2020

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