Bradley Walsh

The chase is on.

My favourite TV host is Bradley Walsh.
He’d be great on strictly dancing the waltz.

He starred in Coronation Street,
I wonder which chaser he could beat ?

Love his banter and his jokes,
He’s got a good manner with everyday folks.

His teatime show is called the chase,
he often has trouble keeping a straight face.

Took a trip across the states,
With son Barney such good mates.

Hunted for Bigfoot, skydived from a plane,
thrown from a bull, won’t do that again.

Which chaser tonight ?
As they take to the chair.

Jenny the vixen Ryan with her fiery red hair.

Or could it be Paul Sinah the doctor,
Stand up comedian too, I hope his jokes are not to blue.

Beasty boy now he’s good fun,
watch them scales, he weights ton.
Rubs his hands and has a chuckle,
hope his belt holds its buckle.

Anne old frosty knickers her name,
went on I’m a celebrity for some fame,
don’t think she liked it much on there,
found it pretty hard to bare.

So last but not least we have Shaun Wallace 
just another day at the office,...

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Wendy Wilson
May 2 2020

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