The Barley Field

Ankh stopped running and clutched his side, he had a stitch that burned sharply. He was crouched down under the cover of the tall crop of the field he had blindly run into in the dark. He listened but couldn’t hear his pursuers, only wind through the crop. He lifted his head above the ears of ... he felt by fingertip ... barley, he was in a barley field.

Tilting his head back as far as possible, keeping his profile low, he looked all around, expecting searching soldiers, but he was alone.

He wondered where he was, having run blind, full of panic, he knew not where. He was surrounded by barley, not quite ripe, the ears still upright and, unseen, probably still green. All he could see was barley.

He stood cautiously, extending his field of vision, seeing only by the starlight on this clear night. Now he could make out the dark rooftops of his village in one direction and the ...  top of the completed pyramid, long destined to be the final resting place of the Pharaoh and, as Ankh had just discovered, all his servants and builders.

Those who knew the hidden chambers and the ways through to the treasures, all considered essential for the Pharoah's afterlife, were now entombed, awaiting the da...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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