Elodie and The Unicorn

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl, with soft brown hair, big brown eyes and a kindly smile. Her greatest joy every afternoon was to walk to her grey-haired grandmama's house in the woods. She always carried a tiny basket, containing a few eggs or half a loaf of bread, perhaps a packet of tea, a bag of flour or sugar. She carried home a jar of jam, or honey, or fresh-baked cinnamon biscuits, and sometime or other some sponge cakes that her grandmama made.


Little Elodie loved her grandmama so much that never missed a visit every day, even though some of the stupid and horrid village boys made fun of her muddy boots and called her grandmama an old witch.


It was one lovely spring afternoon, so hot that Elodie soon took off her woollen coat and hung it on a low branch by the path, to collect on her way home. The trees were full of the sound of birdsong and bright spring flowers peered out of the woods on either side of the narrow path. Sometimes, the woods looked dark and frightening, but not today, everything was light, bright and beautiful. Elodie sang a little song, swinging her basket as she walked along.


Ahead she saw lots of young rabbits, who s...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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