Hot Rod Slug

"Slowcoach!" Terry the slug sneered as he slipped past Leticia on the way to the veg patch.


Leticia was annoyed with herself. She was so hungry that she woke up really early this morning hoping to be the first slug at the juicy fresh lettuces, but Ton-up Terry beat her to it yet again. Terry would always pick on Lettie because she was so thin and weak and always completely puffed out by the time she got to the lettuces.


Terry was the biggest and slipperyest slimiest slug in the whole back yard. No wonder he was so fat, he always got to the sweetest leafy plants first and nibbled the best bits until he was so full he burped before Lettie even got to the lettuce patch. All she found was flattened leaves, covered in fat slug slime, eeeughhh!


The reason Lettie was always last was because she had a patch of dry skin under her body and towards the back that would never ever get slippery, in fact slime dried out on her bare patch and made it as sticky as the stickiest glue and she'd drag leaves and twigs with her, slowing her down even more.


The next morning her tummy was rumbling so loud that she woke up even earlier than usual. It was still dark ...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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