The Gnatcracker

The two daddy-longlegs danced together all along the top of the garden fence.


The smallest one flipped her wings this way and flapped them that way. Her jerky legs wobbled all over the place. But the bigger daddy-longlegs moved with grace, he slowly and beautifully spun on one straight leg while four of his other legs curled up like petals above his head. His wings were tucked in tight along his back. The dancer's last leg was spread out behind him as flat as a pencil as he spun on the spot.


"This is a 'pir-rou-ette', Minnie," he told his sister with a smiley face.


"Wow!" she said, as she stopped dancing to watch, "that looks so beautiful, Max. Please teach me how to do that!"


So Max showed her how to spin and pirouette and other little dance tricks he had taught himself and soon Minnie was spinning on her own, but not as quick, and not as straight as Max.


"Thank you, Max, you're the bestest big brother any little fly ever had," she said, "I could watch you dance for hours and I'm sure Mummy would love to see you, too."


"Thank, Sis, I could dance alone forever but it's so much fun with a partner. I...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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