Pass It On ... Deadly

Vermin. Bane of our lives, vermin are, in town or sailing ship. Our relationship had become a continual struggle competing for palatable foodstuffs without contamination. The battle is tough on dry land but many times more difficult at sea, especially on the journeys of long duration.


My final voyage was the longest ever. Mainly we sailed away from the rising sun and headed towards its daily setting. We crossed various temperate zones as we sailed to what seemed to be to the other side of the world.


Most of the time the vermin and us shunned one another. Conflict was avoided at all cost, except where desperation for food and good water became paramount.


That was when the killing began, a war of attrition with no clear winner.


Then I noticed that the vermin become sick and even more sick as the voyage endured. A few vermin even died and were unceremoniously slipped over the side of the vessel. It looked as though the tide was going against the vermin, to the benefice of my kind.


However, although I wasn’t sick, I realised that my strength was waning. I am the eldest and wisest aboard and I knew I was no longer certain of...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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