Pass It On ... in the supermarket

"Carla?" Bryan said as soon as he bumped into her.


"Hello, Bryan," she replied, "Wasn't sure it was you at the end of the dairy aisle."


Of course she knew it was him, carrying a shopping basket with milk, yoghurts, cheese and a jar of pickled onions. She'd seen him twice in the last ten minutes.


"And who's this?" he asked, smiling at the child sitting in Carla's trolley.


"This is Brie, my daughter."


"You're pretty," he said, making the little girl laugh. "How old are you?"


"Three," Brie giggled.


"You on leave?" Carla enquired.


"No, finished. I start as Logistics Manager at Tanner's Transport, Monday."


"How long was your commission, then?"


"The short commission minimum's three years; I added the extra year to make Captain."


"Are you staying with your Dad?"


"No, his house is tiny; his girlfriend's our age, and their baby cries all night. They are trying to break the feeding cycle apparently," he replied, "You have to do that with Brie?"


"No, she gre...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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