A Wee Bit O' Nature Indoors

"Mornin' Elsie, I see that 'hippy' bus, what's bin parked outside tha 'ouse all week, 'as gone."

"Aye, Mavis, love. Me grandson Clinton's drove 'iself back t'Cornwall, both 'im 'n 'is lass. Left at fust light this mornin'. Mind yeu, the bairns were reet mardy before they drove off."

"Sad ta go, I s'pect. Didn't see tha comin' or goin' of 'em, Else lass, I wor took to t'bed all week wi' me bad leg, but now I be reight. My Joey took a snap of t'van on 'is mobile phone thingy to show us, so I'd Ken they'd bin. Reet clever them there pocket telephones, Else."

"Aye, my Clinton's into all sorts o' gadgets. You wanna coom in fer a brew?"

"Aye, I'm fair parched an' it's right hot owt already. Bin too sunny in ma front bedroom since fust light."

"Aye, 'ad ta get oop early ta see Clint n'is lass Poppy off, but I can't sleep when it's this 'ot in ma front bedroom. Get thee'sen in then, Mave, an' I'll pop t'kettle on fur a brew."

"Ee, Else, it's reet bright in yon back parlour. You allwus used to have to put t'big light on in 'ere. Did yuer Clinton paint t'walls in 'ere while 'e were stayin’, lass?"

"Nay lass, it were that 'ouseplant what were on't windersill all year, i...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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