It Happened in Vegas....

Ace spoke first, almost breaking the spell of ending up so intimately after a long night at the gaming tables.

"I could stay like this forever, simply spooning with you in the dark, my dear slim and smooth, beautiful redhead."

"That's because you are right behind me, you naughty tall dark handsome one, you! Just don’t break my heart."

"As if I would. Being behind you or right in front, just being this close to you is the real deal for me. I wish it could always be like this, my favourite princess of the heart."    

"Princess! Huh! Flattery will get you nowhere, Ace, you know I'm just as old as you are! But us being together all the time, you know that's really not on the cards ... Jack is-"

"Jack's all wrong for you, my sweet princess, he's too similar to you. I think you're pretty as a picture and we both suspect that Jack plays around in Clubs, every last one of us know he likes them well stacked. Okay, I accept that we are all shallow one-sided characters but I suspect Jack goes ... both ways."

"That's hardly his fault, he's always been two-faced, just because you are always so straight up, Ace, so, well ... so singular."

"I'm always straight, baby, I call...

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Tony Spencer
May 1 2020

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