Do you know me

My life inside a suitcase,

Traveling from place to place .

Hotel rooms all look the same,

This is the price i pay for fame.

Adoration everywhere,

But no one to really care.

Drowning in an empty glass,

While I’m travelling first class.

Each day blends into the next,

Communication is by text.

Another face in front of me,

I don’t know who they really see.

A fabricated outside shell,

Inside my head, a burning hell.

Would they still follow if the knew,

If the foot was in the other shoe.

Up on the stage i am a star,

But once I’m bundled in the car,

I die inside and need a drink,

And lower into myself i sink.

They build me up so high until,

They crucify me at their will.

Was all the money worth the pain?

When all that was, melts in the rain.

So many lovers on the way,

Now with my life i’ll have to pay.


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Valerie Coleman
May 1 2020

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I love your writing.

Tracy Windross
May 23 2020