The leaves fall gently to the ground ,

Twisting and turning without a sound.

Autumn breeze , a chill in the air.

All the trees will soon be bare.

Days grow shorter, winters near, 

Christmas soon the children cheer.

Halloween and bonfire night,

Fireworks that shine so bright .

Leaves crisp and golden beneath our feet,

Children chanting ‘trick or treat’

Toffee apples, cinder toffee,

Warming hands on cups of coffee.

Polo necks and thermal tights,

To keep us warm on frosty nights.

Memories of summer sun,

Those hazy days were full of fun.

But the sun is now low in the sky

And autumn days will soon pass by.

Winters here before we know,

And soon the clouds will fill with snow.

Puddles freeze on every street

They crack and break beneath our feet.

Snowdrops bursting into life

The robin red breast finds a wife

Daffodils reach for the sky

The cold dark nights have long gone by

These things can only mean one thing

Winter’s turning into spring 


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Valerie Coleman
May 1 2020

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