What can I say about Newcastle upon Tyne,

This beautiful city I like to call mine.

In AD 120, the Romans came

And with a bridge they made their claim.

Hadrians family then built a wall,

Nothing would see their castle fall.

The people came , the city grew

A legacy for me and you.

A grand cathedral, majestic street

Grew behind the castles keep.

In 1880 electricity came,

And Joseph swan made his name.

Ships were built, first wood then steel

From wooden beams, to metal keel.

Sadly now the ships are gone,

But memories , they linger on.

Our city is now a shining light,

That  comes to life when day turns night.

We welcome visitors from far and wide,

We love to show them ‘the other side’

The warmth and history of our city,

Geordies friendly and so witty.

Come visit us and find out why..

We’ll even throw in a Greggs pie!




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Valerie Coleman
May 1 2020

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