Oh, Stop with the Self Loathing Bullshit

Oh, stop with the self loathing bullshit.

It’s probably some of the best advice I’ve ever had,

I appreciate the honesty behind the comment,

The slap in the face,

The wake up!

You DO have a choice.

Feel all of your emotions

And allow them to be,

But don’t let them consume you,

For you are far more worthy than that.

I’ve bubble wrapped myself for so long,

With people trending eggshells around me because they’re scared to offend,

Scared of what it might do to me,

Scared of what I am capable of,

Maybe, “I’m fragile”

Don’t upset her.

Well poor you. Poor me.

Oh, STOP with the self loathing


You are a warrior!

Rise up,

Now! Stop with the self loathing bullshit.

It comes from a place within,

Reminding me to rise again,

And I shall rise

Time and time again,

And it’s going to be

Mother fucking




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Anna Nicole Neville
Apr 14 2020

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