If I Were a Man

If i was a man I wouldn’t care,

About the grey bits in my hair.

Grey is suave and sophisticated

Dark hair is so overrated.

If i was a man.

If i was a man I wouldn’t care ,

If the top of my head was shiny and bare.

Bald all over, or just the edges,

smooth at the back, and sides like wedges.

if i was a man.

if i was a man, i wouldnt worry,

about shaveing my legs , in a hurry.

The rugged look is what I’d go for,

The bushiest beard you ever saw,

If i was a man

If i were a man I wouldn’t worry,

About smelling a lot of last nights curry.

I’d walk around with a swagger ,

Except the weekends when id stagger

If i were a man.

If i were a man, I’d be one of the boys,

Big fast motorbike , big boys toys.

I’d look cool in skin tight leather,

But only when its lovely weather

If i were a man.

If i were a man I’d find me a wife,

Someone to look after me all my life.

She’d do my washing and make my tea,

And have eyes for no one else but me.

If i were a man.


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Valerie Coleman
Apr 10 2020

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