Another Morning, Another Day.


Another day dawns and I’m still in my bed.

Do I get up and make cakes or bake some bread.

I may be just turn over and stay in bed.

But I can’t as there are so many things whizzing round my head.

Snuggle back under the duvet and try not to think.

Them dishes will just pile up in the sink.

The sun is shining best put a wash on,
Creeping round the kids rooms,
Picking up pants and socks.

So many dishes in here, no wonder I have no crocks.

Try not to wake them as they will want fed,

But no my head is telling me not to be lazy,
OMG I think I’m going crazy.

Get up have a shower keep in routine,
Don’t think the house has ever been so clean.

Coffee or tea is a hard decision to make,
Need to drink something to wash down that cake.

What’s for lunch? What’s for tea?
Feels like I’m feeding the army.

But as long as we all stay home, safe and well.
We will all have our own stories to tell. 

The day will soon be in, then it’s time to pour the gin.

Raise a glass to the NHS and key-workers,

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Wendy Wilson
Apr 8 2020

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