The Chinese are slight,
Lesbians fight,
Whilst the dutch, they make peace and smoke pot.

The Irish are thick,
Black men have big … sticks,
And the Germans, they don’t smile a lot.

Americans are loud,
Italians are proud,
While the gays are effeminate and camp.

Swedes make great lovers,
Danes eat their mothers,
And the Scottish, well they’re mostly damp.

Young girls are airheads,
The French share their beds
With anyone willing to share.

The English are prudes,
South African’s rude,
And politicians just don’t seem to care.

We’re a billion stars,
Each unique and bizarre,
Inhabiting this corner of space.

Yet we're clumped, and together,
We think we’re so clever,
When we put all the others in place.

If only we knew the damage we cause,
With the boxes we put people in.
Boxes of lies,
Or cunning disguise,
We try to find comfort within.

Rod Webb
Feb 20 2021

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