Beach Days

My head towards the sun,
Though my eyes are tightly shut.
My body so relaxed,
Yet my mind still in a rut.

The sea, for not one minute,
stays still at any point.
So the darkness always moving,
within my bones and through my joints.

The sand grains in their trillions,
forming dunes strong and tall.
More obstacles in my way,
Another brick in my wall.

Let the sea be fierce,
tear down those hills of sand.
Let the sun rays burn,
and scorch this promised land.

Time to try and start anew.
Am I even able?
Time to make life easier.
My thinking become stable.

Can this leopard change its spots?
This old dog learn new tricks?
Make room for this new pathway,
Start pulling down these bricks.


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Tracy Windross
Apr 8 2020

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