Please Stop

To me, nothing is real,

I am not here,

The ship, the sea, the waves all rushing past,

I am empty,

Detached and separate,

Others may notice me,

They do not see me,

I’m not here.


A man is screaming,

A desperate agonised howl,

I need it to stop,

Please make it stop,

It’s me.


My whole body is being flayed,

My skull brittle and unyielding,

It’s on the inside,

A jagged rock,

Smashing its way out,

It is relentless,

It is shattering every inch of my skull,

I am here.


They hover over me,

Bright lights chattering,

Someone is calling me,

I can’t answer,

I’m not here,

Please make it stop.


Hissing covers my face,

Cool air leaks into my mouth,

My body shivers to exposed cold,

Someone is holding my hand,

I am crying,

They don’t know,

I’m not here.


A jolt,

I’m being lifted,

The lights too bright,

Hands grabbing me,


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Craig Worcester
Apr 4 2020

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