The Drift - Part 1

Getting ready for the Drift involves the entire consciousness of the Sense. Our thoughts are intertwined and flow through its entire being. There is no physical. We, it, they are not corporeal. The Sense cannot be measured, existing everywhere and nowhere. It has its own vibrant personality and self-awareness, but it makes no contact and cannot be contacted.

Building an individual personality, that will be accepted by corporeal beings, is not simple. Humans, in this case, need a history, memories of things lost to them. Memories that make them who they are, collectively and as individuals. It’s not dissimilar to my own existence except that I do not have a past or a future. I simply am. There is an area, a gap if you like, where I do not exist. Not in a way you can understand. This is where I am human. Life is suddenly glimpsed one second at a time. Something previously not part of my awareness or understanding. Not knowing what will happen in the next second is like riding a rollercoaster in total darkness. Not knowing is new to me too.


I am Sofia

There is one rule, it has never been broken, as a physical being, you will not remember.


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Craig Worcester
Nov 17 2020

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This is so intriguing and thought-provoking. The introduction is so poetic and stands well on its own. The whole piece stands well on its own too; but, I’m greedy for more, could this be the start of a novel ...? Hope so.

Janette Ostle
Nov 21 2020

I absolutely loved this and the intriguing mix of normality with a slightly sinister fantasy/sci-fi undercurrent. It reminded me a bit of Philip K Dick.

Rod Webb
Nov 17 2020