This time last year, my world was falling apart.

I was in the dark.

With no way out.

But, then a light appeared.

So small.

A mere glimmer through the walls.

And I crawled towards it, determined to find my way out.


And with all the strength left inside me, I made it to the light.

I could see the beauty so clearly.

Shinning so bright.

But the hands of darkness kept grabbing at me.

Trying to pull me back in.

I was so scared.

I didn't want to back to whence I came.


And so I jumped, straight into the light.

To the beautiful world.

Shinning so bright.

Where happiness reigns, day and night.

And where I can sleep with peace by my side. 


And while the darkness still tries to take me.

I'm stronger now than I've ever been before.

So I now turn to the hands grabbing at me, 

and tell them to go back to where they came from.


For this is my life and I shall claim it as my own.

Now love and laughter are my daily goals.

And for the rest of my life, I w...

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Lily Larkin
Nov 13 2020

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Well written and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this.

Rod Webb
Nov 17 2020