Escape (part 2)

The silence was deafening.

‘Its gone’, someone said.  ‘Shhh’ came the voice of another.   One or two frightened squeals came from the ladies sitting near the fallen body. A young man covered the mangled flesh with his jacket while another suggested that they all get out of there.

She could now see that the kind gentleman was smartly dressed.  He had a kind face, a well groomed beard and wore a khaki green jacket.  He grabbed her hand and gently lead her in the direction the rest of the occupants were heading. 

‘I was really frightened then.  I thought something was right behind me’.  The gentleman acknowledged her fear and stooped to speak quietly to her when the group seemed startled about something up ahead.  In a booming voice the pair heard, ‘This way, quickly, quickly’.

As they gradually got closer to the thunderous instructor it became evident that it was an artillery man, with a greasy face and blood-stained clothing, he was clasping a rifle and shuffling everyone through a brick bare hole in the wall.  They could now hear distant gun shots and heavy artillery as well as the shuffling of bodies hurriedly clambering over rubble to safety.  Th...

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Tracy Windross
Nov 6 2020

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