The Tale of Muddle the Misfit



Excitement was growing in the Witcherding kingdom
A new little kitten was due to be born
A jet black heir to the royal princedom
But there was only confusion when came the morn

The witches gathered to greet the arrival
A fluffy black kitten so tiny and small
A birth which ensured the royal survival
But then little Muddle dismayed them all

He lifted his paw to wave hello
But the witches were aghast at what they saw
He was beautiful and sleek, with eyes so mellow
But could they have a prince with one ginger paw?

The witches discussed the sorry little kitten,
Whilst making a loud hullabaloo
Muddle just watched with his small ginger mitten
And snuggled to his mother, feeling tiny and new

Tears welled in his eyes as he looked at his foot,
It was heartbreaking to see such a sad little Muddle
One day he dipped his paw in some soot
Which disguised it well until he stepped in a puddle

Quietly he looked at the midnight sky
Full of witches on broomsticks and each with a cat
‘I know I could do it if I ...

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Lorraine Squire
Nov 5 2020

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