The Lovers

Lovers kissing in the dark of night.

Caressing their lips and holding so tight.

Hearts beating fast, breathing so deep.

This precious moment is theirs to keep.

Entwined in each other, eyes closed so tight.

Their bodies convulse, it feels so right.

Excitement explodes, blood pumping fast,

wiating for her errotic gasp.

Her delicate moans from his passionate caress.

Their fire burns stronger, they’re animals possessed.

They now become one, they belong to each other.

This moment is theirs and belongs to no other.

Their movements in time, with passion and speed.

Their love is flowing and that’s all they need.

The breaths are now short, and he holds her so close.

That feel of belonging she yearns for most.

The lovers kiss slowly and tenderly once more.

Their mouths, their tongues, their bodies in awe.

He looks in her eyes with pure desire.

What, from this passionate night, may transpire?

She gently falls softly asleep in his arms.

He drifts asleep too, and the night becomes calm.


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Tracy Windross
Apr 8 2020

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