It Just isn’t Fair

‘It just isn’t fair.’

Joe felt guilty feeling this way, but it just wasn’t fair.  Everyone else had mobile phones but his Mam had said ‘no’, again. In fact, she shouted it this morning. Joe had asked again whilst she sat at the table, head lowered into her palms, coins scattered sparsely by her unclasped purse.

It was the day the rent man came; she always went into a low way on a Monday. She didn’t usually raise her voice though.

Joe usually shared her mellow temperament but he’d had enough, too.  He stormed out of the house, to escape, banging the front door behind him.

‘Be careful, we can’t afford to get that fixed.’

Joe imitated his Mam’s voice in his head, mouthed the words with a mocking rhythm.

But, deep down, he knew she’d be worrying. She wished she could get him a phone, but just a simple one, one each maybe, so they could let one another know where they were, they wouldn’t need fancy ones.

Joe ran and ran towards the lonning, until a stitch caused him to stop. Grasping his knees with his hands, he felt his breath slow back to normal, then when the pain had gone, he eyed a flat smooth pebble.  It was perfect, the best size to skim into the beck.  He ...

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Janette Ostle
Nov 1 2020

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Jennifer Lucas
Nov 8 2020

Bitter sweet, lovely piece of writing.

Tony Spencer
Nov 1 2020