The Catch

Drew loved to fish, any kind of angling. Coarse fishing occupied a lot of spare time and he’d enjoyed holidays in Scotland, hunting wild salmon and trout with a fly on a gossamer line; but his real love was sea fishing.

His “uncle” John introduced him to the pastime as a kid. Drew lost his father to emphysema when he was young, inheriting a string of temporary “uncles”, few bothering to give a snotty-nosed Drew the time of day. “Uncle” John wasn’t around for long but he took Drew fishing for carp at a flooded quarry a couple of times and, in that old cliché, Drew was hooked.

Losing his Dad to an occupational disease put Drew off coal mining. So, choosing a career, he decided to sell insurance, mostly life, health and investments. Drew didn’t break any industry records but did OK. The business had changed wholesale since he started. Most business was done over the phone nowadays but in the early days he put in a lot of door-to-door legwork. 

He wasn’t a bad-looking kid and looked after himself, dressed smartly and got a lot of offers from bored housewives looking for afternoon fun, but he turned them all down. He wasn’t a prude, he was as randy as any man, but these desperate housewives reminded him...

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Tony Spencer
Oct 24 2020

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