"Lucifer, you old devil, wilt thou ne'er be cured of your lasciviousness, you monster?"


"I might have known it would be You catching me out, my old friend, you still as righteous as ever?" I sighed, bowing to the inevitable.


He was always there to spoil my fun. Always. Without fail. Omni-something or other. Caught red-handed again but then I have always been red-handed.


The girl was young and shy, an innocent virgin. Pretty, of course, she had to be, slight of body and completely bereft of worldly experience. A jewel whose sparkle I would gladly add to my unending collection.


I had been working my charm on her for a couple of days, ever since I spotted her working in the fast food restaurant. Well, I'm partial to anything flame-grilled as you well know. So eventually, after my intense charm offensive, she agreed to meet me after work for a coffee.


I, for the purposes of enjoying my regular seared minced beef sandwich with extra fries and a gigantic sugary drink which would rot my teeth if my pearly whites were even remotely mortal, looked like your average spotty feckless youth who would...

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Tony Spencer
Oct 4 2020

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