Liking Lois Lane



It was a gusty early morning in Metropolis, spring winds whistled down the canyons between the tall buildings, the driving rain insinuating into every chink and crevice.


Ms Lois Lane, ace reporter of The Daily Planet was soaked through, her umbrella blown inside out three blocks away with not a yellow cab in sight.


Just outside the newspaper's revolving door, she bumped into someone trying to enter the building at the same time and went flying.


"Hey, you big [email protected]€&ing galoot —" Lois automatically reacted defiantly, swinging her handbag to strike the stranger, before recognising the man, who now gently held her arm, preventing her falling.


"Oh, hi Clark," she smiled.


The still-swinging handbag though, unfortunately carried on its relentless trajectory and caught her fellow reporter on the head and dislodged his soaking wet oversized and slightly tinted eyeglasses and, just for a moment, Lois caught a never-before glimpse of Clark's naked eyes.


'They're baby blues!' Lois thought, 'just like... Nah! Can’t be. The very thought!"


"Oh, ge-gee whi...

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Tony Spencer
Oct 4 2020

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