The Tin Church



A radio play for one voice


Scene 1. Getting to Green Lane

[Sound FX during monologue: birdsong, footsteps (on pavement, then echoes like going through an alley then open again, finally crunchy hoggin driveway, distant sounds of disturbed undergrowth and rustled plastic sacks halfway through narrative, getting louder.]



I really hate early mornings. I mean it, I bloody hate ’em. And this is really early man, look, 12 minutes past 5, that is really bloody early, for crissakes.


A-n-d I’m really bloody late, too.


Bruv’s gonna kill me this time.


I’m definitely a dead man.


‘Five o’clock’ he told us and not just the once, he must’ve said it half a dozen times down the pub last night, quite early in the evenin' as it happens.


‘Twelve hour job for four men and you, Mark-me-boy, are the fourth man, so don’t be bloody late! Five o’clock start, 5 o’clock finish so we can get the pickup, the crane and both the trailers and all the trash off the site by the time the Council inspect at close of play six-p-m. So don’t...

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Tony Spencer
Oct 4 2020

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