Aunt Isabel Loved Orange

Aunt Isabel loved Orange. It was by far her favourite colour. Walking through Marks and Spencer’s, she’d swerve abruptly at the merest hint of an orange cardigan amongst the rails, and she’d been known to literally fight for the last box of orange matchmakers in Morrison’s at Christmas. 

We don’t know where her love of orange began, but we know where it ended. Perhaps it was pre-ordained that she would fall into the custard machine at work; a useful lesson on how to make orange for any budding artists at the Bird’s factory.

Uncle Tom said we should all wear something orange to the funeral to celebrate her life. I’m never very organised at the best of times, and I always panic under pressure. The carrot buttonhole was not a success. 

The service should have been a solemn affair; after all, we were all rather fond of Aunt Isabel, or Tango lady as we liked to call her. It started well, with lots of people wearing more appropriate orange tributes than mine, mumbling and murmuring to each other, but it quickly deteriorated.

Naughty cousin Beth had somehow managed to change the playlist given to the crematorium, which resulted in the coffin being brought in to Christina Aguilera and her friends...

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Rod Webb
Sep 13 2020

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