Ooh, She's Had Another Fall

Molly  -  She’s never been the same since that fall you know.

Mildred  -  Ooh I know.  She goes on and on.  I can’t take anymore of it.  It sounds bad but I avoid her when I can.  I feel awful.  I’ve been friends with her for so many years but that first fall changed everything.  Her whole life!

Molly  -  Oh don’t I know it.  I saw her at the supermarket the other day.  I tried to sneak past her, but she spotted me and immediately went into great detail about that first fall and how much it scared her.

Mildred - She’s proving to be a damn nuisance. I get fed up of listening, she goes on and on. I just haven’t got time for her anymore. When we meet our whole conversations are around that bloody fall. Oh no, she’s over there. See you Molly. I’m going before she sees me.

Molly  -  So am I.  See you at Bingo Mildred.

They don’t want to know me anymore. Friends I thought I’d have forever have disappeared. They’re avoiding me, unavailable by phone; don’t answer my texts. I don’t think they even know how to text.

You’d think in your late seventies people you’ve known since childhood would be with you forever. But since that first fall…I know I’ve changed, I know it may be dif...

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Eileen O'Reilly
Sep 7 2020

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I love how you "show not tell" in this story, and the last line is not only brilliant, but inspiring!

Paul Sterlini
Sep 14 2020