If your Custard was Green

What would you think if your custard was green?
Would you think it a little obscene?
If bananas were red, and charcoal was white?
Would it seem that things weren’t quite alright?

What if your hair turned a sparkling gold?
And your hands were the colour of mould?
What if the bogies you pulled from your nose,
Were as blue as the hairs on your toes?

Would you worry if the sky turned a startling pink?
Would you look up in surprise and just think,
The world has gone topsy and turvy and wrong,
And that’s not where the colours belong?

Would you look at the tangerine spots on your friend,
And say the world has gone quite round the bend?
Or would you both dance in the crimson red rain,
And cheer the refreshment of change?


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Rod Webb
Aug 29 2020

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