Time Stood Still When the Lights Went Out.

‘Time stood still when the lights went out.’

‘And when did this happen?’ said the psychiatrist.

‘Oh, many times,’ was my reply.

‘Many times.’ 


I was admitted to the psychiatric ward on the 15th September 1920 under the orders, never to be released,


15th September 2020

Time Stood Still When the Lights Went Out.  The title drew my attention.  The opening paragraph ran a chill down my spine. 

‘If you get to read these words it signifies my death because I will never let anyone, (whilst I’m alive) know I have written these words.  If I do I will be punished for revealing a secret that people in here already know but are unwilling to share with the world.  The secret is, time does stand still and the lights do go out.  Most people are unaware of this, for the few who are most are corrupt.  We never know when it’s going to happen.  I was unfortunate enough to mention this experience to a friend, who took me to see his friend, whom I didn’t know at the time was a prominent psychiatrist.

I continued reading; The story told of Elizabeth McMarne a strong minded, woman who had spent time in an institution, which eventually broke he...

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Eileen O'Reilly
Aug 22 2020

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