All Aboard

I can hear her,

Calling out to me,

But I can feel the grip tighten around my ankles, the weight crash down on my shoulders

Dragging me back under once again,

I gasp for air but it sits heavy in my blackened lungs, wriddled with angst and insecurities 

The burden




I find comfort in the familiar darkness and suffocation,

Waves of despair wrap their arms around me,

And caress me on the way down.


I can hear her louder now,

Echoed along the wind and ripples over the oceans

"If only you could see, my child

The pool of self discovery is deep,

There's no point searching here

For you are already found.

This is merely a process of returning to self,

Use your roots as building blocks and strip away all that has been said and done, all of what society told you to be,

Climb upon the shore of self belief...

And stand tall in the knowledge

That you can achieve anything,

Because there is nothing,

More beautiful,

Than you."


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Anna Nicole Neville
Aug 20 2020

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