Kept in the Dark

Time stood still when the lights went out.

We're accustomed to the time generator stopping; it was the warning lights blowing that caught us. They were new and top of the range so we expected them to withstand anything. Sam from ...

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Paul Sterlini
Jul 30 2020

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I really enjoyed this. A very clever way of writing.

Tracy Windross
Sep 21 2020

Very, very clever. I started reading the fifth paragraph thinking, ‘ooh, there’s a mistake there I must tell Paul about’, until I realised just how clever you’d been. Loved it!

Rod Webb
Aug 16 2020

Like Paul, I love stories based on time; it must be because I grew up under the influence of Doctor Who and HG Wells. This story is a great addition to the list.

Tony Spencer
Jul 31 2020