They warned, but she’ll hunt

I came home from the city to find a dead sheep on my doorstep. Well, not in it’s entirety. A mangled corpse lay before me, with blood seeping through the step cracks. The head had been meticulously hacked off,  in such a way that captured my interest. Fascinated. Colleagues of mine tended to be disturbed when it came to my emotional detachment, it’s simply better in my line of work. Perhaps that why I’m their superior. 

Although, this is such a purposeful attempt to warn me of the enemies I’d be creating while assigned to the recent ‘dove’ case. Thoughts warped around my conscience like a fine silk. Dismissively now unaware to the unmissable display in front of my home.

‘Doves’... the cult that’s been uprising in the streets of Mexico. They hadn’t initially been prevalent but after the pandemic in March of 2020, their numbers began to stack up. In time their track record of mass killings, sacrificial activities has poured all over the news here, even flooded the international papers. It's hard not to know who they are. As to who 'they' are... well that's a different story. 

 Assertively I bring back my attention to the vacant eyes of the sheep's head. Continuing to ex...

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Sophie Dunn
Jul 27 2020

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I like the way you've approached this.

Rod Webb
Jul 30 2020