You’re Toast

Pillow to post,

Hopes uppermost.

Then lover hangs up, that’s so odd,

It seems you’re toast,

You’re toast, you’re toast.

Shirl’s in tears, “Missed my period!”


You’re toast, you’re toast.

Ain’t got a ghost,

A shotgun wedding’s on the cards!

Spin on a dime

Wedding bells chime,

You and Shirl go the whole nine yards.


Join the rat race

You find a place

Where Shirl can do birth exercise,

Sell bike, buy car,

Well, there you are:

Second-hand cot, free-ads surprise.


At dead of night

She has a fright

“Baby’s comin’ now!” hear her shout,

“If we don’t go,

“You’re toast, you know!”

It’s hours later, baby’s out.


The babe’s your girl

Image of Shirl.

In muslin wrap, she’s christened Gail.


Soul of party,

Wet babe’s head with jugs of ale!


Let yourself down,

Binge on the town,

Rozzers say, “Sleep it off in gaol!”

“Over the top,

You drunken ...

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Tony Spencer
Jul 27 2020

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