A Matter of Timing



Set in the very near future.


It was the opening divorce appeal court case of the day and the public gallery was already filling up fast, long before the antagonists arrived.


Clearly, the wife who was fighting the divorce was the one who entered first. She was a tall, beautiful, normally slim but presently very heavily pregnant woman, dressed in a light blue summer frock, escorted to her seat by her smartly-suited and handsomely bewigged Queens Councillor. A troop of other smart and no doubt expensive lawyers marched behind in support. A frail old woman supported by a walking stick, while her other arm was tucked into the other arm of the pregnant woman.


They made themselves comfortable at their assigned seats, the lawyers setting out folders of notes, while the old woman shuffled into a reserved space in the lower court immediately behind the lawyers. The young woman threw a cardigan, that one of the junior clerks carried for her, over her shoulder to combat the coolness of the ancient courtroom and sat, confident, a relaxed smile of contentedness on her lovely face.


The adversary, her husband, entere...

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Tony Spencer
Jul 27 2020

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