Beneath the Waves

"Time stood still as the lights went out and I was pulled down into the deep, dark abyss. 

I only went out to do some fishing today upon the lough. And that's when I saw them, floundering about in the water, crying out for help. And so I sailed over, reached out my hand and said, "Quick! Grab hold!"

And then they did.

Their talon like nail dug deep into my skin and pulled me over the side of my little, simple fishing boat. Pulled me down, deep into the sharp, cold waters of the lough.

They pulled me down further and further and further until I could barely see the sunlight penetrating through the water. It was dark and cold, and the pressure of the water was pushing down hard on me, causing every single muscle of my being to cry out in pain.

And then we hit the sea floor. Sand gushing up around us. My lungs searing in pain, burning as if someone lit them on fire. And then I was gasping for breath but swallowing more and more mouthfuls of salty sea water instead.

And then I couldn't breathe anymore and all I could feel was the hands closing in around me. I could barely just make out the horrible looking face. But I could see that they had the body of a human. 


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Lily Larkin
Jul 20 2020

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