Finders Keepers

Frankie sat up in bed, throwing back the sheets and blankets, laughing to herself at how old fashioned they were, and how completely in keeping with Ravenscroft Manor. It was a family home in Suffolk that had always seemed to exist outside of the conventions of fashions, styles, or even the passing of the years. Her Uncle Henry had asked her to stay, he was her Dad’s brother and a bit of a rogue so family legend had it. She jumped out of bed and without even stopping to shower, she pulled on her clothes, grabbed her backpack, and ran down the stairs two at a time. Every time she had stayed here before, she had been sidetracked by the library or the attic and all their hidden treasures. This time she was going exploring. There was a cottage on the grounds her Dad had told her about many times. He’d said it was a work of art and she really must go and find it next time she visited. Frankie stopped at the kitchen and asked the Housekeeper if there was anything suitable to take for an ad hoc picnic. Before she knew it, she was packing sandwiches and apples into her backpack with a flask of tea and heading off down the path for the woods behind the Manor.

There were lanes and small roads crisscrossing the surround...

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Katherine Horejsi
Jul 19 2020

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