Petulip’s Deadline

Time stood still when the lights went out. Petulip wouldn’t be able to see what she was typing! Panic stuck in her throat. But now the torches were relit and the hall came alive again. The Enforcer was obviously trying to terrify her.

His clanging footfalls were closing in from behind.

Sitting at the table in the middle of the hall, she blanched with every clap of doom, but still kept her eyes riveted on the antiquated typewriter.

Lord Rod of Pen-Quadraginta-Octo had ordered that she write him a tale to entertain him. Giving her one hour.

And now the Lord’s Enforcer had come to take what was due. His booming treads were counterpointed with a thwack as he hit his stick against his palm.

Boom click, Boom click …

The last click was the stick landing on her left shoulder, cutting into her flesh, making her wince with pain.

Luckily she managed not to scream – as this was forbidden.

She had literally minutes left, and, so far, just a blank sheet and a blank mind.

Then, catching sight of one of the palace cats sauntering past the portico in the far distance, inspiration finally struck and she knew what to do.

She started typing. Not sto...

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Nonita Thomas
Jul 19 2020

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I loved how you combined our writing challenge, Tony’s kitten and my tyranny. 😂

Rod Webb
Jul 28 2020