Something I've Found

Something that I have found,

Is that I would certainly have drowned,

When the Titanic hit ice in the dark,

And sunk before the morning lark,

Had joined the other early bunch,

And toddled off to get some lunch.


A milkman’s life is not for me,

The milk would sour, and I’d still be,

Wrapped up in my cosy bed,

Dreaming of the life I led,

As a pirate somewhere off Penzance,

Or fighting giant tiger ants.


Imagine if you will with me,

A national emergency.

A giant bomb is destined to drop,

On us all, around say 4 O’clock.

If that’s not PM, and after tea,

You’d best tell someone else, not me.


So, I’m terribly sorry, Mrs Gee,

Your paper round job’s just not for me,

I can barely get to school before,

The teacher’s knocking on the door,

Wondering politely if I might wake,

In time to join the lunchtime break.


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Rod Webb
Jul 18 2020

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