Something Found - Nonita

Something Found

Alf crunched through the endless piles of pebbles.  Down on the sea shore.

He had been looking for a while now for the right stone to wedge his shed door open.

The sounds of the sea foaming backwards and forwards, were punctuated by gulls screaming – but there were no other people around.

It was late in the day and a cold clear sky was brightening the occasional puddle. The only features to be seen in the sand were worm casts and a line of cancrine scuff marks.

‘Found it!’. He grunted with satisfaction.

A pleasingly rounded rock, smooth and half buried in the wet sand. A good weight he thought, could have been flatter, but never mind. And he carried it home.

Later in the evening, as he pottered in his garden. Alf, feeling pleased with himself, was musing on the happy thought that the best things in life were free.

When suddenly a gust of wind, overcame the weight of his new ‘door stop’ and it was sent flying onto the path.

As it crashed down, he looked up startled, mirrored by Daisy his cat, who then looked disparagingly at Alf for such a blunder.

It had split into splinters. Giving him a pang of regret....

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Nonita Thomas
Jul 18 2020

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